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Church of England Junior School

School Council 2018 - Democracy in Action

As part of the school’s focus upon the meaning of democracy and the importance of the right to vote, all the children voted for their class school councillors during the first two weeks of term. Then, on Friday 21st September, it was time for the election of our chairperson and vice-chairperson of the school council. Nine excellent candidates presented to the whole school and explained the qualities and their priorities for improvements in the school. Then, in the afternoon, every pupil filled in a ballot slip and posted in the ballot box provided.

As a result, Thomas Mossman was elected as the chairperson and Liah Mann as the vice-chairperson for this year. They will be responsible for being the public faces of the school council, explaining its work and its decision-making to visitors and the school generally. They will also be responsible for resolving issues in any school council voting and helping to set the agenda for the bi-weekly meetings of the council.