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Church of England Junior School

Cross Country

St Mary's took part in a local cross country competition at Queen Mary's College, one of our local colleges.

It was another proud day for our school, after a superb display from our X Country teams and our supportive parents who helped the teams to victory clapping and cheering whilst the children demonstrated determination to uphold the sporting reputation of St. Mary’s.

First up were the year 3/4 girls; Jessie, Charlotte, Sienna and Harriet who set the standard for the afternoon finishing in 2nd place. Spurred on by this achievement our 1st year 3/4 boy athlete, Oliver sped off around the course to hand over to Alfie who continued to race at an amazing pace to pass over to Ben who was 1st back to encourage our last runner Joseph on to win the event.

After 2 fantastic races from the younger children our year 5/6 girls were up next, adrenaline flowing ready to take on any competitor. Isabel sprinted off and maintained her pace all the way round to set Keleigh-Anne on her way still in 1st position. Next up Hannah, who continued the high standard enabling Lucy to complete a great team performance again attaining 1st place. Final event of the day the year 5/6 boys; Aidan, Lewis, Sam and Cameron who had some stiff competition but true spirit and perseverance did not let the team down. They fought hard to finish in a creditable 2nd place and overall every pupil was an outstanding representative of St. Mary’s.