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Church of England Junior School


Basingstoke Primary Schools' Music - "Our Town" 

This involves the School Orchestra and Dancers 


Tuesday 25th June – Day Rehearsal at the Anvil

  • Please meet up with Mrs Malone and Mrs Thomas outside Wilco from 9am promptly. To minimise the risk of large groups of children congregating in public spaces we will be very strict with time. If you arrive late, please bring your child to the back of the Anvil and register them at stage door.
  • Please note also that once all the children have arrived, the main doors will be closed and there will be no access to the Auditorium beyond these doors.  These doors will remain closed all day and nobody will be allowed in or out during this time. Should you need to collect your child during the day you will need to do so via the stage door (at the rear of the Anvil).
  • All children should bring their lunch in a plastic bag or throw away container (no nuts allowed).
  • Mobile phones are NOT permitted.
  • All children should bring plenty of water to drink – sports cup type lid (leakproof) only
  • Orchestra should bring instrument, music (in a folder – no loose pages), spike cover (cellos) and pencil. Music stands are not required at this rehearsal.  They are required for all other rehearsals though!
  • Orchestra children will need to be in uniform (Summer dresses are fine for rehearsals). Dancers should come in clothes suitable for dance as detailed by Mrs Thomas.

Helping adults

  • All helping adults will need a pass for all rehearsals and concerts. These will be sent out via your child so please look out for this.


Evening Performances: Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th June at 7.00 pm.

  • All children in orchestra to wear smart school uniform (shirts and ties please – no summer dresses) with no coats or jumpers/sweatshirts. Long hair must be tied back and children should follow the school uniform rules regarding hair ties and jewellery.
  • There is no interval or need for snacks. Please make sure your child has been to the toilet before they leave home.
  • Orchestra to arrive not before 6.30pm and go to the Stage Door (the back of the building) where their names will be registered by a Mrs Malone.  Don’t forget instrument and music! There will be a queue- please be patient as we need to check everyone in very carefully and make sure everyone gets to the right dressing room. Parents are not allowed in.
  • Dancers arrive not before 6.30 pm and meet Mrs Thomas outside Wilco. Children should not come into The Anvil unsupervised. Please be prompt as we have a large number of children to get into the building and seated for the start of the concert.
  • Narrators and Chamber Choir need to come in “as orchestra”.  



If you would like to purchase programmes for the concert, please send your child into school with a cheque made payable to “Basingstoke and District Primary School Music Festival” for £3 each and mark the envelope for my attention. Please don’t send in cash.  Proceeds will go to Oliver Warner’s Charity “Solving Kid’s Cancer.


Arrangements for re-uniting with children at the end of the concerts

If you are in the audience:

  • You will only be allowed into the Anvil building with a valid ticket – please purchase this BEFORE the concert day.
  • At the end of the concert, please remain in your seats for a few minutes to allow the children to be taken to their various assembly points.

If you are not in the audience:

  • You will need a PARENT ACCESS PASS to enter the Anvil.
  • Please complete the pass at the end of the letter sent to you in May. 
  • The front auditorium doors will be opened at approximately 8:15pm.
  • For security reasons, if you do not have a pass or a valid concert ticket for that night, you will not be allowed into the Anvil building to collect your child. This is for the safety of all the children.

Reuniting points

  • Orchestra

The children will be taken, under supervision, to their dressing rooms to collect their belongings and will then return to the front of the stage.  Please collect your child from where Mrs Malone is standing and make sure she is aware that you have your child.

  • Dancers

The children will be taken, under supervision, to the Forge to collect their belongings and will await parents outside the barrier by the Forge.