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Church of England Junior School

Calshot 2018


Following the tearful farewells and a clear run on the motorway, we arrived safely at Calshot today! The sun was out and the sea was calm so the first set of activities all began on time this afternoon- there was some expert kayaking, low rope teamworking and orienteering outside. Inside, the first skiing and wall climbing sessions proved successful too (no injuries, either). This evening, everyone enjoyed the hearty food in the cafeteria and excitement was building for the evening activities. Some already very hot and tired children then did a bit more running and jumping around, including indoor games and the always popular 'ringos'! Plus, quite a few eggs were dropped during the ,um, 'egg drop'. No doubt, the children will fall asleep quickly at lights out- well, all the adults' fingers are firmly crossed..!


Our first nighttime was very successful! A result, one may surmise, of there being some very tired children! Fortified with lashings of full English breakfast, tea and toast, we set forth once more into another round of hectic activities. It was the first time that the children participated in raft building, archery and ‘beach bonanza’! Good times and great memories were forged in the white heat of teamwork! For those groups who had the second chance at skiing, it was evident that their skills and confidence were building with alacrity - some groups had even begun using the ski lift to the top slope! The children are now most definitely more tired than yesterday so bedtime should be even less eventful than yesterday (famous last words...)


The drizzly rain that greeted us this morning did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm for a further round of wonderful activities. All the groups have now had their first opportunity to try out the repeated events - i.e. skiing and wall climbing. These are two of the most eagerly anticipated but also quite challenging things for most of our children. They have responded magnificently! Progress is both rapid and obviously visible to each individual and this has had a great impact on self-confidence already. This now needs to be harnessed alongside the teamwork that has been building this week. Calshot is beginning to really feel like a ‘home from home’ and the children know the daily rhythms and routines well now. For example, they realise that a tidy bedroom is an organised bedroom and that this helps when one needs to quickly find one’s underpants! Parents: there should be no excuses for untidy rooms at home ever again! Roll on Thursday...


It’s been a day of glorious sunshine and mild temperatures here at Calshot. That was a blessing for those who were raft building as the (unheated) outdoor pool where the activity takes place can sometimes be on the rather chilly side in October! It has been noticeable that so many of the children have been inspired by the activities they’ve experienced. Those that have tried skiing or archery or orienteering for the first time have expressed their desire to have another go or to join a local club when they get home. Even if they don’t, that degree of enthusiasm to try new things is a key part of broadening one’s life experience and essential in the development of a sense of curiosity and participation. As is usual by this time of the week, the children are persevering very well but are also generally pretty tired. Their thoughts are beginning to turn to our departure- we’re coming home tomorrow, folks..!

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