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  • Friendship Week Returns!

    Published 22/11/20

    Friendship Week returned to St Mary's this week...

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  • Paulet class donate to the food bank

    Published 21/11/20

    Our value of the week was compassion and paulet class wanted to make a big difference in these tricky times!

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  • HSE COVID 19 Spot-check

    Published 19/11/20

    Last week we were visited by two representatives from the Health and Safety Executive to assess the school’s management arrangements to control the risks associated with COVID-19.

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  • UPDATE: Another successful Children in Need Day at St. Mary's

    Published 13/11/20

    On Friday 13th November...

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  • St Mary's Remembers

    Published 11/11/20

    St Mary's commemorates Remembrance Day 2020.

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  • Dragons descend on St Mary's

    Published 10/11/20

    Footprints, broken twigs and scortched paper were found in all the year 4 classrooms! Hiccup and Toothless are on the lose! Find out more below.

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  • Space - the final frontier

    Published 09/11/20

    Houston, we are GO for launch!

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  • Viking Day

    Published 08/11/20

    Year Four dressed up as Vikings to start their new history topic.

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  • The Iron Man appears at St Marys!

    Published 08/11/20

    Heart of Steel or Heart of Gold?

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  • Iron Age Day!

    Published 08/11/20

    On Wednesday 21st November, Year 3 arrived in school to be greeted by....

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  • Be bright to be seen!

    Published 23/10/20

    Today was 'be bright to be seen' day where the children and staff dressed up in bright, reflective clothing to raise awareness of road safety and being out after dark. 

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