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Church of England Junior School

Calshot - Day 2

Everyone had slept well and got up without (too much) complaint at 7am!

Everyone had slept well and got up without (too much) complaint at 7am! We were greeted by a sunnier day here at Calshot although a fresh breeze meant that the children still needed to stay wrapped up for the outdoor activities.

The first room inspections of the week produced a generally high standard of tidiness and cleanliness - a welcome (and in some cases unexpected) occurrence! With such proof, parents would be justified in insisting upon a similarly outstanding level of effort in bedroom organisation when the children return home..!

Fortified with a breakfast selection of egg, bacon, hash browns, toast, cereal and fruit, the morning activities brought a wide variety of experiences. More skiing, trawling and climbing but, in addition, an introduction to orienteering in the New Forest and kayaking in the bay surrounding the activity centre. Encouragingly, the school appears to have a large number of budding Olympic champions in watersports! Maybe some new after-school clubs are required!

After lunch, particularly noticeable was the visible improvement in confidence and skill during skiing. The children have responded amazingly to the coaching they've received and are developing superbly well.

The undoubted highlight during dinner was seeing the Queen Mary II leaving Southampton port, silhouetted against a glorious sunset. The children were mesmerised! It was a lovely memory with which to close our Tuesday...