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Church of England Junior School

Calshot - Day 3

Well, it really seems like home now! Everyone has settled into the routine of Calshot life with alacrity and all the groups are giving their all in the various activities.

Each team has now had the opportunity to master the custom-made initiative course and this has proved to be a particular favourite. The Calshot instructors have commented upon the maturity and impressive agility of our children; their camaraderie and support for each other, in order to achieve the challenges, has been outstanding.

All the activities here are a chance for the children to test their physical, intellectual and emotional capabilites. In turn, the week so far has demonstrated how the St. Mary's school values can be brought to life by the children. This is especially evident in their perseverance, their compassion for each other and respect for others.

The overwhelming feeling here already among the children is that, whilst they might not always find a specific activity comes easily, they can amaze themselves with what can be achieved with focus and a willingness to give it a go. Moreover, all this is done with a fantastic sense of fun and adventure.

Talking of fun, the evening activities also continue to be a popular event! The children love hurtling down the ski slope on the inflatable 'ringos' at increasing levels of speed and, frankly, hysteria!

Onwards, to Thursday already!