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Church of England Junior School

Calshot - Day 4

A clearer and warmer sky greeted us this morning as we embarked upon the next round of activities. This certainly meant that there was a smaller number of children afflicted with teeth chattering on the outdoor tasks compared with other days this week!

All groups have now been able to use their experience of team building from earlier in the week to extend both skill development and citizenship. This is one of the obvious benefits of having consistent day groups where the children build a deeper understanding of their own values as young people and those of others too over a period of time.

In addition, repeated activities, such as skiing and climbing, demonstrate the value of instant feedback and opportunities for rapid development. The week at Calshot has highlighted the drive for excellence that this particular year group possesses.

One of the most frequent comments from the Calshot staff today was how our children find their 'role' within each task and work together to maximse the value they can bring to the group. An example was the raft building where, early in the task, one of the girls found a natural ability as the raft architect and the other children then followed her example by assessing their own skills accordingly. A natural allocation of roles followed and the activity was completed excellently.

Preparations for Friday and our return to school beckon; the atmosphere is tangibly one of sadness at the thought of leaving but also excitement at seeing loved ones at home.