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Church of England Junior School

Year 4 become vicious Vikings at Oxenwood!

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Last week Year 4 went to meet the Oxenwood Vikings, at Oxenwood activity centre. While we were there we became Oathsworn to the Lord, promising to fight for him against the rich kingdom of Wessex. The Vikings showed us what the differences between the filthy Saxons and the noble Vikings were, through comparisons of their clothing, and taught us about the poor slaves.

We learnt about the Vikings through physical artefacts and got to handle different weapons and armour. Afterwards we undertook Viking style weapon training, learning how the Vikings fought “Skalborg!” (shields locked to face the enemy).

After we had rested, and had lunch, we undertook our journey from the Daneland to Angland on the whale road. We gave a sacrifice to Odin to help us along our journey. Although the journey was rough and horribly wet, the Gods got us to land safely. After landing, we marched in land to a safe location. Out of nowhere, the enemy attacked, did battle with us and we escaped back to the boat.

Finally we sent our warrior to Valhalla, performing the ceremony in the way of Vikings and making sure they had all of the objects they would need when standing next to Odin.

“So Mott it be”.


See photographs from our visit to Oxenwood in the Photograph gallery in Our Learning.