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Church of England Junior School

Netball Tournament Tuesday 28th February

The children from St. Marys did us proud ...


A mixed afternoon, weather wise, chilly but sunny which was bearable, to a complete freezing down pour! 

The children from St. Marys did us proud as always, especially considering the awful conditions.  It was a joy to watch both our A and B teams compete against other local school netball teams at the Russell Howard Netball Centre.  Our teams consisted of both girls and boys who showed very impressive skills and huge determination to play on when most little fingers had frozen!  It was so lovely to see how much they all enjoyed themselves and how their competitive spirit pushed them on to win, when I'm sure they were exhausted and obviously very wet. There were many excellent passes, clever game play and considering their ages, tactically you could foresee a few of them will go on to make very talented netball players. 

As to be expected, standing on the side-lines, teachers and parents were shivering but continued to  cheer them on and hand coats out to cold bodies after each game. It was so wonderful to see how much support we have for the pupils within our school.  What a delight to see all the St. Mary’s children shaking the hands with the other teams after the games, giving three cheers and saying thank you individually to the volunteer umpires, year 9 and 10 children from Costello School, most of whom were ex-pupils of St.Mary’s.  
Well done again to the all our participants, for a superb afternoon of excellent competition, ensuring our place in the next (awaiting confirmation of this) which should be another exciting afternoon.
Mrs Hill commented on how grateful she is as a parent of a team member, to St Mary’s for giving the children the opportunity to play sports competitively and the wonderful sportsmanship values it has taught them.