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Church of England Junior School

Year 5 Ancient Greek adventure

In the penultimate week of May, year 5 went on an Ancient Greece inspired adventure.

Each class went to the Gordon Brown Centre in Rotherwick ( for an epic day of Olympic and Military inspired learning and fun.  The day started as Mark and a team mate from the GBC arrived at our school to transport us across the fields and through time to our ancient Olympic stadium.  The classes got into teams and prepared their banners and bonded in the way that true Olympic teams do.  Then they took to the arena to take part in the ancient Greek sports of chariot racing (wheelbarrow), the javelin (welly wanging) and the middle distance run (a run across the field).  A twist of epic proportions overtook us at lunchtime as we received a note from Achilles, the greatest warrior of Ancient Greece.  He helped us train using  a low ropes course and climbing wall to then carry out a covert mission to invade Troy, kill the king (Paris) and then seize the treasure (chocolate coins) before sailing back home (balance bridge).  All classes were successful and returned to school, coin in hand and prestige in the heart after a very successful and memorable day.  Click here for more pictures.