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Church of England Junior School

Basingstoke Schools X Country

Once again, St Mary’s fielded 4 full squads...

Once again, St Mary’s fielded 4 full squads, consisting of 10 children in each category of the Basingstoke Schools X Country Competition at Down Grange Sports Complex on Tuesday 6th February 

The first pupils put to the test were our year 3/4 girls who, once again despite the muddy conditions, proved just how resilient they really are with Alexis finishing in 1st place, Mataya 8th, Amelia 9th and Pasha 10th. With approximately 150 children in the race this was an amazing result with all our girls performing well.

Raring to go, our dynamic year 4 boys proved that they are a force to be reckoned with; all setting off at a steady pace, which they maintained throughout the whole course. James managed to lose a trainer in the mud, but persevered and continued to finish in 2nd place, Connor 3rd, Oscar 5th and Michael 8th, with excellent results from the rest of the team.

The year 5/6 races proved to be extremely challenging as Basingstoke has some talented distance runners in the town. Nevertheless our pupils fought a brave battle with Charlie 4th for the boys and Isabel 7th for the girls. This secures their place representing our district in the County Finals, well done to them both.

St Mary’s are proud of everyone’s superb effort and a special mention must go to the children who lost trainers on the course, the pupils who had recently returned to school due to ill health and our ever-supportive parents who always provide invaluable support to our staff and students.