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Church of England Junior School

Cycling Proficiency

The sun is shining (for now) and the flowers are blooming, what better time to dust off your bicycle?

Year 5 are taking this week as an opportunity to learn how to cycle safely on the roads.  We started today in the playground with a 3 point check:

1) the clothing - is it suitable for cycling, are shoe laces tucked away and trousers away from the chain?
2) the helmet - have we only got a two finger gap from the eyebrow up to the helmet or is the helmet to far back?  Is the chin strap tight enough to allow only 2 fingers underneath or is the spacing too large?
3) the bicycle - the M check from the hub of the front wheel up to the handlebar, down to the bottom bracket, up to the saddle and down once more the hub of the rear wheel - is everything in good mechanical safe order?

Then we took to our trusty steeds (some for the very first time) around the top of the playground to demonstrate our cycling prowess.  The rest of the week holds some useful life skills for cycling safely on the road.  Will the weather hold?