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Church of England Junior School

Space...the final frontier

Thursday 7th June was a significant date in the lives of the year 5 children of St Mary's Junior.

We had a visit from who came with their mobile planetarium and we were all able to learn more about space and more specifically how the altitude of the sun changes each day, how we only have life because of the sun (e.g no water cycle without the heat of the sun), we saw a scale model showing us the comparative sizes of the planets within the solar system and even saw where our western constellations come from (and that other parts of the world have different names for similar constellations).

In the afternoon we were all able to have a second session where we looked at the lunar landings and also were able to see some of the details about the NASA Curiosity Rover on the surface of the planet Mars.  Today is also the day, we were told by Evan (our instructor), that NASA had a big announcement to make about the Curiosity rover on Mars. We finished the day thrilled at all we had learnt and a little curious about what NASA would be announcing later on.