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Church of England Junior School

St Mary's Gets HeartSmart!

Boris the Robot visits St Mary's.

Last week we had a wonderful assembly from 'HeartSmart'. This is a programme which we shall be following in school which connects RE, PSHE and Wellbeing. There were lots of important messages which were explained to us by a friendly robot called...'Boris!' 

There are five sections in the programme:

1. Don't forget to let love in

2. Too much selfie isn't healthy.

3 Don't rub it in rub it out.

4. Fake is a mistake.

5. No way through isn't true.

During the assembly we thought about the first two sections, 'Don't forget to let love in', 'Too much selfie isn't healthy.'  

At St Mary's we are very aware that the emotional health of our pupils is paramount. As part of their character development, we want our pupils to be emotionally intelligent, resilient and actively empathetic. We employ a number of strategies to develop this and we hope that by adopting the HeartSmart programme we will further  help our children to understand and live out what  are excellent principles and practices for growing healthy hearts and minds. The HeartSmart messages closely match our Christian values and we are all looking forward to implementing this  programme in school over the coming year.