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Church of England Junior School

Alpha and Omega

The school courtyard has had another new addition.

The school courtyard has had another new addition.  Since the visit from the duck and her ducklings 6 super new stained class windows have been put up by members of the local church.

They show 6 christian symbols beginning with the greek letter alpha and finishing with greek omega - both ways Jesus used to talk about himself.  All 6 symbols are:

  • Alpha –  First Letter of the Greek alphabet.
  • Cross – Most recognisable symbol of a Christian.
  • Rainbow – Sign of keeping promises -God's faithfulness and his promise to never again destroy the earth by flood
  • Triquetra – the sign of the trinity.  The Father, Son and Holy Spirit all joined together .  [Also find the fish in the picture!!- another Christian sign]
  • Natal Star – Key symbol for the Birth of Christ, also the sign of the cross
  • Omega–  Last Letter of the Greek alphabet .

Attached is a document detailing each symbol to view.  The stained glass provides a beautiful addition to an already peaceful courtyard.  Do take a look when next stood at the office desk.

Many thanks to all those invovled in putting these together for us at the school.