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Church of England Junior School

Tomas demonstrates the power of poetry!

One of our super Year 6 children has been rewarded for his poetic skills by highlighting his family's proud Czech heritage.

As part of our recent Peace Week, Tomas from Russell Class and all the other Year Six pupils created poems related to both our school values and our commitment to One Family in our community. Tomas had the opportunity to perform his poem before an audience of parents and other family members. His mum was rightly very proud of his efforts and how his poem powerfully illustrated the formation of Czechoslovakia after WWI in 1918.

She was so moved that she sent a copy of Tomas' poem to the Czech embassy. As a result, the Czech ambassador has awarded Tomas the honour of a prize to be presented at a reception for 300 people marking the Republic's national day!

Everyone at our school is very proud of Tomas' achievement!


Tomas' Poem

Now the guns fell silent and the dove spread its wings

A new beginning, a fresh start

From the ashes of war, my tongue is reborn

The devil of war has been stopped.


I peer around, walking on ashes

I tiptoe on the warm surface of hell

Getting colder and colder.


I look around, noticing burnt buildings

I see people giving life to the houses

Giving them another soul


The country rose from its deathbed

The bands are off and running

The have re-awoken.


The source of peace has sprung

The population is rising from their coffins

Everyone is helping to create the beginnings of our country.


The devil is vanquished

All of its mighty power has been sucked out

Peace has returned once again.

Our navy and power has returned!


Will the devil ever return?

Will the curse return?

Will hell break loose once more?