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Church of England Junior School

Safari Pete

Jay-Z, the Nile Crocodile came to visit St Mary’s this week.  He’s a snapper, not a rapper.


As part of year 5’s learning about biomes around the world we invited in Safari Pete and his animals ( for more).  The children saw the third largest tarantula species, a rainforest frog that lives only in trees, a constrictor snake, a UK native – the barn owl, a monitor lizard, two Meer cats as well as a few other creatures.  Take a look in our photo gallery to see who else visited us.  We also heard about how important conservation is.  None of the animals were purchased by Pete, all were rescued.  We were given an insight into what conservation truly is as well as being given a chance to meet various animals that all have an important story, whether they were illegally taken from the wild or unwanted pets.