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Church of England Junior School

World Book Day 2019

We were delighted to celebrate World Book Day at St. Mary's yesterday afternoon. We know that reading is incredibly important and to be able to have a whole day dedicated to reading allowed us to focus all of our learning for the day around one book.


Each class teacher selected a picture book that they themselves were passionate about. Lessons were built around that book. It was fantastic to see children write creative narratives and produce wonderful artwork inspired by the books they were reading in class. The children recognised that picture books aren't just 'little children's books' and that they can explore complex themes and tell detailed, interesting stories.


To celebrate World Book Day at home is easy. Simply spend some time with a book this weekend. Put aside some time to read together and share a book. Talk about the books you're reading. Go out and pick up a new book from the library or a bookshop. With a friend, choose a book that you'd like to read together at the same time. Select a non-fiction book about a topic you're interested in but have never explored before and learn. Use your phone/tablets at home to download an e-book that you can read. Have fun celebrating!