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Church of England Junior School

So long and thanks for all the fish

Friday 20th December marked a milestone in the...

Friday 20th December marked a milestone in the life of two members of staff at St Mary's Junior school.

Mr George Coburn, one of our year 6 teachers and Mrs Clare Cummins one of our lunchtime assistants, had their last day at St Mary's. 

Mr Coburn was chosen to be dressed as an angel at our final act of worship at the church, led by Fr Alec (see thumbnail) and then had a send off at the end of the day during our attendance assembly.  In case anyone was wondering the pet fish from his classroom have now migrated to the home of Mr Rundle and his family as an early Christmas present (hence the news heading).  They are sporting new names of Eni, Meani, Myni and Mo.

Mrs Cummins joined in the festive mood in school today dressed as Santa's helper and was surrounded by many a pupil during lunchtime who offered her a fond farewell.  We hope to see you back at St Mary's sometime soon.

We wish them well as they go on to their separate new ventures - do keep in touch.

Term starts again on Monday 6.1.14, there is no INSET day.