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Church of England Junior School

The Bishop of Basingstoke, David Williams, visits Year 6!

The Year 6 children were visited by the Bishop of Basingstoke, David Williams, on the afternoon of the 27th November. In preparation for his visit, the children considered a range of questions that they wanted to ask our visitor. The questions covered areas such as what life is like as a bishop, Christianity, Darwin and the theory of evolution, and problems that exist in the world today. Respect is the current value we are exploring as a school and the children certainly asked their questions in a respectful manner – Bishop David was able to provide his own viewpoint which the children enjoyed. Nearing the end of his visit, the children enthusiastically offered Bishop David the opportunity to visit again and we know as a school that this curious, enthusiastic year group would relish the chance to ask even more insightful, thought-provoking questions.


Thank you, Bishop David, for a wonderful visit and the many lessons you shared with Year 6.