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Church of England Junior School

Christmas Tree Festival Celebration

Congratulations to St Mary's

On Saturday 7th December, many members of the local community and school family visited the St Mary's Church Christmas Tree Festival. The St Mary's entry was voted the best tree. Congratulations to all who created this year's entry, which was based on Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol". Visitors enjoyed the humbugs hanging from the "Bah Humbug" Tree and enjoyed the colourful contrast of the "Joy" tree. 

At 2pm there was a Christmas concert featuring the Old Basing Infant School Singing Club, our Junior Choir and the Basing Singers. The Infant singing club sang lots of Christmas songs and ended their musical set with a joint item with the Junior Choir, singing "Feliz Navidad". The Junior Choir (who all come from years 3 and 4 at St Mary's) sang contrasting songs based on the Nativity Story. There were around 60 members of the choir who attended and they made a mighty sound. We were very impressed with how well they followed the conductor and how well they knew all the words. To end the concert the Basing Singers performed for the audience. Their rendition of "Carol of the Bell" was particularly inspiring for the younger singers. 

Many Thanks to everyone involved.