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Church of England Junior School

Year 4 cooking

Paulet class cooked a pasta carbanara and made an acompanying salad as part of their DT for this term. 

Paulet class spent the day creating a pasta carbonara and a salad as part of their DT and Geography learning. They were firstly transported to Venice and cooked a delicious pasta carbonara using a recipe and fresh ingredients. They needed to understand the safety involved with a hob and knife so they spent time reading through their cooking contact and then going through the knife techniques called the bridge and the claw. Once they had this knowledge, they were able to confidently cook their meal. After that, they created and designed their salad, thinking about the texture, taste, crunch, flavours and colours. They learnt how to make a dressing and were brave when tasting new foods. Head over to the gallery to check out some pictures. Click here