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Church of England Junior School

Headteacher Update 27.3.20

Dear Parents and carers,

Just a short note to keep you up to date and to let you know that you are all still in our thoughts and prayers, even though we cannot meet up face to face.

We are still managing to keep school open, on a skeleton staff, for the children of keyworkers who cannot be looked after at home. If you are one of these parents, please continue to update us on your childcare needs so that we can match numbers of staff to the number of children. We recognise that numbers may increase as more of you are asked to work longer hours and some of you who had previously left the NHS might have offered to lend your support by re-joining in the short term.

As we said in our first communication with you about the closure, education as we know it has ceased for the present time. Whilst continuing with learning is important, we would ask that you do not put yourself under undue pressure. This is why we were not prescriptive about a timetable, but rather that you agree one together as a family so that you do maintain some form of structure to your day both for your benefit and for your children. Include in this ‘timetable’ some down time for you all. Make use of our well-being section and music sections, read a book or just allow your child time to occupy themselves and use their imagination!

I know that many of you are now following Joe Wicks morning workout or using ‘Go Noodle’ to keep fit. Online there is now a wealth of resources available from dancing to yoga to footballers sharing their fitness ideas. As well as these, remember your daily walk, run or cycle with the family.

Please check the year group pages on our website regularly, (Parents-How to help your child…). Messages and activity suggestions are being added frequently. The teachers are currently putting together a set of ideas for the Easter period, which will include many craft ideas using limited resources. Consider at the moment not putting items straight into the recycle bin but rather use them for junk-modelling first.

We will continue to try to balance activities that are online with those that are not, as we appreciate many parents still need computers for work and most of you do not have the luxury of a device each. Wherever possible still try to limit screen time and especially the time spent on online games; we appreciate that this can be a challenge.

Thank you to those of you who donated to the foodbank, we have passed on your donations. On the way to work this morning I listened to a plea from one of the hospices who are also now running short of money as they have had to close shops and cancel fundraising activities. Whilst, I fully understand that many of you will now have concerns about money yourself, if you are able to consider helping one of the many charitable organisations in our area, for example St Michael’s Hospice, Naomi House and Jack’s Place, they are in need of support.

Finally, I would like to remind you to continue to follow the social distancing and self-isolating guidance from the government, so that we ensure that both the vulnerable and front line workers are kept safe.

We will be in touch again next week, please don’t forget to contact your child’s class teacher and year group team if you are in need of any help.

Thank you once again for all of your support – you are amazing.

Best wishes

Caroline Welch