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Church of England Junior School

Headteacher Update

Headteacher Update 7th May 

Dear Parents

Thank you for all of the lovely pieces of work, ideas and messages of support that you have been sending to the class teachers. As mentioned last week, could I please remind you to copy in the other teachers from the year group when you contact your child’s teacher, as for a variety of reasons not all teachers may be available at any one time. Many of the completed pieces of work are being put up in the galleries on our website along with some of the work that the children who are still in school have completed. Please take a look by following the link below:

As I am sure that you could not have failed to pick up on the news, there is somewhat of a media frenzy at the moment, around the possibility of schools reopening in some shape or form. Please bear with us during these uncertain times as we hear the official announcements no sooner than you do. As soon as we hear of any potential changes we will put plans in place to cope with whatever they may be and confirm details with you as soon as we possibly can.

VE Day 75 years Commemoration

This week’s assembly has been created with this in mind and gives the background to the event for the children and ends with the original version of Dame Vera Lynn’s – ‘We’ll meet again’, which I understand the government is encouraging us to sing as part of the national celebrations. Follow the link below to find this week’s Powerpoint:

Due to the current situation all activities both local and national will be virtual and below is the link to the activities organised by the mayor for us in Basingstoke.

At this time, it is good look back on another difficult time that the country thought it would not see and can give us all Hope for the future. Below is an extract from the Mayor of Basingstoke’s message:

The spirit of hope that remained alive throughout those years is truly remarkable. It was fuelled by the political, spiritual and military leaders of the day and, of course, by King George VI, a veteran of the First World War who, with Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother), became a figurehead, visiting factories, hospitals and bombed areas and visiting troops abroad.  The speech that he gave, with his customary difficulty, 75 years ago on Victory in Europe Day still inspires us today:


“… let us think what it was that has upheld us through nearly six years of suffering and peril.  The knowledge that everything was at stake: our freedom, our independence, our very existence as a people; but the knowledge also that in defending ourselves we were defending the liberties of the whole world; that our cause was the cause not of this nation only, not of this Empire and Commonwealth only, but of every land where freedom is cherished and law and liberty go hand in hand…… We did not fail.  We kept faith with ourselves and with one another, we kept faith and unity with our great allies. That faith, that unity have carried us to victory through dangers which at times seemed overwhelming.”


Staff Vacancies

Thank you so much to all of you who passed the word around about the LSA position we have already had a number of applications. All of the details are on the Hampshire Job Vacancies, follow the link below:

Sports Coach

We are now also looking for someone to oversee all of our sports activities and competitions in school. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to develop their interest in sports further and who has the necessary coaching qualifications to teach across the full breadth of our PE. Curriculum.  The full advert can be found by following the same link above and further details are available from the office, including the job description and person specification.

Reminder of resources and guidance available

The DfE continues to update their guidance for parents on at least a weekly basis and there are links to many resources in this documents as well as a wealth of further advice and guidance concerning the current situation.

Updated DfE guidance for parents:

Please find below a reminder about the links for our resources on the St Mary’s website:

Main Parents page – How to help your child…

Emotional well-being resources and advice

Online safety resources and advice:


Don’t forget that there is also a wealth of music resources also available on our website. Mrs Malone has put up a wide variety of activities for all children not just for those who currently learn a musical instrument.

Also DfE reccomendations:

Oak Academy –

BBC Bitesize -


Thank you once again for all of your support during this difficult times. Remember to continue to follow the handwashing and social distancing guidance in order to keep safe.

Best wishes

Caroline welch