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Church of England Junior School

Headteacher Update

Dear Parents

Well, this has been a really interesting week. I know that by now you must all be aware, however hard you try to avoid the news, of the government’s wish to begin to partially re-open primary schools. In terms of our school this means the possibility of Year 6 restarting on the 1st June in addition to the children who have been continuing attend throughout the last eight weeks.

As I mentioned last week, we do not get any advance warning of the announcements and so the first we knew about this was 7.00pm last Sunday, the same as yourselves. The guidance around this was then not published and made available to schools until last Monday evening. We are currently in the planning stages for a possible return of Year 6 pupils and when we have completed all necessary risk assessments and finalised a plan we will communicate the full details. We do need to bear in mind that this is all subject to a reduction in the transmission rate etc. as mentioned on Sunday.

Thank you to all of those Year 6 parents who have returned the form about attending. If you have not yet completed this, we would ask that you do so by tomorrow as this will help in the planning process.

At the present time, teachers continue to put new resources up onto our website and for Year groups and this will continue throughout the summer term.

Thank you to all of you who have shared some of the amazing work you have been doing with your children. I know the teachers have loved to receive these and many examples are now available to look at on our website.

Whilst we all continue to spend more time online it is important to spend time with your child reminding them about staying safe online. Below is Mr Gibb’s latest update on the subject.

Internet safety update

In these strange and unprecedented times, spare a thought for where we would be without the Internet! It is something that we can take for granted and is something that we use every day; sometimes without even thinking about it. Laptops, computers, phones, X-box’s, IPad and tablets are ways we keep in contact with everyone, enjoy sharing messages and playing games but there are risks attached to it. It is really important, for everyone, to think about the Internet and have regular discussions about it. Start with simple questions like: what is the Internet? What do we use it for? What do you want to use it for? What are the dangers of it? What is the difference between adult use and children’s usage? Then, build up to more in depth discussions, allow your child to be inquisitive and explore the Internet together. 

The Internet has so many different functions and it is something that is without a doubt, an amazing invention. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t misused though! It is vital for you to be aware of what risks it can present and how to make sure you negate them as best as you can. The best way to do this is to have an open policy whereby you constantly discuss topics like social media (if that is something that is relevant to your house hold), posting online, keeping your personal details safe and how to speak to people online, both in games settings or on chat/FaceTime. These discussions will help to keep safe during these difficult times, especially when more and more people are turning to the Internet.

A reminder of where to find useful hints and tips!

I hope that you are keeping safe in these times and remember to be SMART online!

Assemblies/Acts of Worship

As usual we will post the assembly for next week on our website. The theme is around curiosity and is based around the Bible story of the Ascension which is celebrated on the 21st June.

In this week’s Powerpoint there is a challenge to take a photo of something you notice on your walk. It would be lovely to receive some of these so we can combine them in some form of display. Please do not include any people in your photos.

I look forward to receiving then:

RSE survey

Last week we sent out a parentmail about the new Relationships and Health education which will become statutory in September. Thank you so much to all of you who have responded so far. We would ask that if you have not done so that you please complete the simple Yes/ No response by tomorrow, Friday.

Like almost all events, the carnival has been postponed until next year. See below a note from the organisers about an activity your child can get involved in.

Calling all creative young people!

We are challenging you to draw and colour a picture of the Old Basing & Lychpit Carnival. It could be a memory you have of the Carnival, your favourite stall or perhaps it could be the carnival procession somewhere along its route. The possibilities are endless!  All you need is an A4 piece of white paper (landscape orientation).

 This competition is for anyone aged 16 and under. There will be 4 age groups: 5 and under, 6-10’s, 11-13’s and 14-17 years

 ⭐️⭐️⭐️The winners from each age group will receive a £10 craft voucher and have their drawings printed in the programme for the 50th carnival on 19th June 2021⭐️⭐️⭐️

***However, we will be displaying a range of your competition entries in the children’s entertainment tent at the 50th Carnival for everyone to see! ***

 Closing date for receiving entries is 6th June 2020.

 Please ensure you write your full name, age and a contact number on the back of your drawing. Entries to be delivered/posted to 91 Cavalier Road, Old Basing, RG24 7ER.

 Winners will be announced on the Old Basing & Lychpit Carnival Committee Facebook page on 20th June 2020 (the day the Carnival was meant to be taking place!)

 Sarah Adams

Secretary - Old Basing Parish Carnival Committee


Once again thank you all for your support and understanding at this time, have a lovely weekend, hopefully the forecast is right and we can enjoy the sunshine.


Caroline Welch