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Church of England Junior School

Headteacher update

Dear Parents and Carers,


Thank you so much for your patience at this time, which is equally frustrating for us as it is for you. At the present time the plan is for Year 6 pupils to come back to school on the 1st June, along with those children of key workers and those identified as being in vulnerable groups.


As a school we have remained open, all be it for a smaller group of children throughout the whole of the lockdown period, including holidays and Bank holidays, in order to ensure that our keyworker parents, in particular, can continue to work.


Since the announcement, the school has carried out a risk assessment which has informed plans that we will be presenting to our governing body today. Following this meeting, and assuming that these plans will be approved, we will be sending out further information to both Year 6 parents and those parents, in the groups already mentioned, who have also confirmed that their child will continue to need a place. Thank you so much to these parents who continue to work with us in only sending in their child when it is absolutely necessary. It will be vital for you continue to do this, as and when, numbers attending school increase and would ask that you inform us if you need a place – as we will not be able to cope with any surprise arrivals.


Teachers will continue to provide online learning for all year groups, but we would ask you to consider their workload when sending emails/ asking for contact etc. as, from the 1st June, all the teaching staff available will be back into full time frontline teaching due to the smaller teaching groups.


Thank you to all of you who have continued to share your children’s work with their class teacher, it has been lovely to see. Thanks also to those of you who responded to this week’s assembly challenge to send in photos from you daily walks. Please keep sending them in. If you have not looked at this week’s assembly, please follow the link below:


During these uncertain times, it is understandable for all of us, children and adults alike, to be anxious. We continue to post resources in our well-boing section to support you at this time. Included in this section are links to a number of helplines, if you wish to talk to a professional about your concern. Please follow the link below to find these resources:


At the end of my update is also a message from our governors. Please keep scrolling down.


We continue to miss you all and look forward to a time when we can be back together.


Stay safe


Best wishes

Caroline Welch




Note from the Governors


While St Mary’s has remained open for a small number of children in recent weeks, including holidays and Bank Holidays, the possible return of the year 6 pupils will be a huge milestone in the broader reopening of St Marys. If and when Year 6 pupils are able to return to school, I would like to welcome them back to school on behalf of the governors, for what will unfortunately be, their final half term at the school. I am sure that the returning pupils will benefit immensely from this time with their friends and teachers as they prepare for the transition to secondary school.


I appreciate that this may be an anxious time for parents and pupils. I would like to assure you though that the school senior leaders and all staff have been working incredibly hard over the last couple of weeks to ensure that St Mary’s can provide a safe learning environment for all children and staff.


I would like to thank the staff not only for their work in undertaking the extensive risk assessments, and implementing the required measures to keep everyone safe, but also for their incredible dedication in keeping the school open for vulnerable children and the children of key workers throughout the entire lockdown period.


For those pupils not returning to school yet, the teachers will continue to put a broad range of activities on the school website for each of the year groups. These will continue to be a balance of activities, that can be done either online, without the need for a computer or independently. School will also be increasing the level of personal contact with parents and pupils, by phone.


The teachers will still contactable via email for you to share news of work done or raise concerns. Please bear in mind though that, especially with the return of the year 6 pupils, not all teachers will be available at all times.


Please be aware that the school will not be reopening as normal and that returning children will be taught in smaller classes and may not have their normal teacher. There will also be a host of measures around social distancing, staggered start times etc. designed to keep everyone safe. Please take careful note of any guidance, requests, new rules etc that will be provided by the school.


Finally; I would like to thank you, the parents, for supporting your children’s home learning activities and to thank the pupils for the wonderful effort that they have put into their learning during this difficult period.


Michael Wright

Chair of Governors