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Church of England Junior School

School Fully Reopens

Attendance at 99%

It was lovely to see you all this morning. The children came in incredibly sensibly and have settled into their classrooms really well.

Thank you parents for all of your return to school preparations; the children are already demonstrating excellent hygiene practices and hand washing. Also thanks to all of you, we also have excellent attendance today with 356 children having returned to school.

As with all new procedures we will always have a few hiccups. Please could I remind you to stick to the 10-minute window to drop off and pick up your children. Could we also ask that you do not hang around for a chat, however tempting this might be so that as far as possible you can maintain social distancing.

Afternoon pick up times are attached to this email for your reference

Please note that Year 3 parents need to come on to the playground, as you did this morning, to collect your child.

We are all enjoying having a school full of children again.