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Church of England Junior School

Oxenwood visit Year 4

Year 4 are greeted by a time travelling Anglo-Saxon and learn all about their life. To view the gallery CLICK HERE

On Wednesday 30th September, Thursday 1st October and Friday 2nd October, Year 4 enjoyed their visit from Oxenwood Activities Centre. Not letting the wet weather dampen our spirits, we were greeted by a time machine that zapped an Anglo-Saxon from the past to the present. We were faced with a fierce – looking, Saxon warrior who found it difficult to understand our modern language and modern ways… We were also full of hope that we would learn more interesting and exciting things about the Anglo-Saxons; our hopes were certainly fulfilled.

The morning involved lots of questioning and finding out about the Anglo-Saxon way of life as well as lots of fun-filled drama and role play about why, where and how the Saxons invaded. Arguably the most exciting part of the day occurred when Edward (the Anglo-Saxon) lit a fire and the children learnt how they would have done this in the past. They were allowed to join him in making fire and learnt how to strike together flint and steel to make a spark. Carefully, they shaped bread over fires lit by Edward and ate the tasty treat with jam or honey, just like the Saxons would have done.

Following on from the fire, Year 4 also learned how to make an Anglo-Saxon bracelet by twisting silver wire.  The pupils had to work collaboratively and, as they soon discovered, it was not as easy as it looked.  However, as always, our children persevered and had a great souvenir to take home with them. Next, it was time to train on the battlefield.  We learnt how to make a shield-wall and defend ourselves from the advancing enemy (the teachers and LSA's).  The grounds at St Mary’s made for fantastic battle scenes and adventures with shields and spears.  We are quick to add that the adults did use spongy balls and javelins during the battle! Finally, Year 4 were allowed to hold and explore some Anglo-Saxon artefacts (replicas) – it really brought history to life and finishing by watching how a burial would have happened for an Anglo-Saxon warrior.

Overall, it was a terrific day which the children enjoyed immensely.  It has both enriched their learning and inspired them to find out more on their return to school.  We hope to find a time machine in the future and invite more invaders back from the past.