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Church of England Junior School

Stewardship, Fair Trade and the visitors

Year 5 have been learning about the BIG idea of Stewardship in their RE learning this half-term.

As part of their learning, we had two special visitors in from St Mary's Church, Basingstoke.  Janet is the local area rep for Fairtrade and Traidcraft.  She was able to help us see why it is that she is so passionate about ensuring farmers in foreign countries get fair pay for a day's work and how that ties to her understanding about being a steward of God's earth.  Janet also affirmed that, for the Christian, there really is no excuse for not caring for the earth even when we don't feel like it because God has said he wants Christians to do so in the early chapters of Genesis (which we had studied in our lessons previously).

Joe helped by explaining how we all have gifts that God has given us and that we should use them well and that includes looking after the earth.

We learnt how "Palm Oil" is not all bad, in fact there is responsibly grown palm oil in the cookies below which we enjoyed learning about.


A very enjoyable afternoon with some very thought provoking ideas about our relationship with others in the world and how this care of them means a care for the environment indirectly too.