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Church of England Junior School

Ancient Egyptian day

Year 4 dressed up as Egyptians to learn all about Ancient Egypt. They completed a 'play in a day' and many other exciting activities. 

On Monday 21st June, Year 4 enjoyed a fantastic visit from the ‘Treehouse Theatre’ company. Their director, Ben, supported the children to participate in a ‘Play-in-a-day’; enormous fun was had by all as well as learning much about the wonders of Ancient Egypt. Ben also entertained us with a wonderful array of characters from the past; this has given the children lots of ideas about how to improve their acting skills and how to present ideas about ancient history in a fun and interesting way. While participating in the drama, the children also began to learn about the Ancient Egyptians and discovered where they lived, what they wore and much more. They also designed their own headdress like the Egyptian Pharaohs would have had. 

If you would like to see the children in their amazing costumes, in action, please check this out in our photos section.