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Church of England Junior School

Music Clubs are back

Music Clubs are back

Music clubs have started back this half term and there is music everywhere you look at St Mary's!

Choir membership is huge with about half the school joining one of the choirs this term. We are excited to singing together again. 

Both orchestra and band are rehearsing before school with a great turnout from both groups. Most of the children in these groups, particularly band, have never played in an ensemble so we are working really hard at playing in time with each other and following the conductor.

Recorder clubs meet at lunch with year 4s playing descants, year 5s learning treble recorders and some of the year 6s are big enough to start playing the larger tenor recorders.

Also at lunch we have our worship band rehearsals and our ukulele clubs where year 5 and 6 pupils can "drop in" to play whenever they feel like it. 

There's so much music and it is glorious to return to making music with others.