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Music Festival News

Congratulations Musicians!

Basingstoke Music and Arts Festival - March 2022

The annual Basingstoke Music and Arts Festival was a huge success for pupils at our school. Both individuals and groups entered the festival, some with school and some independently. 

The Ensembles day saw St Mary's being awarded many trophies and high marks. The school orchestra, brass band, ukulele group, string orchestra and senior choir all performed wonderfully to a very appreciative audience. 

The adjudicator, Paul Harris commented "Very well done - keep up this really excellent work. A real model for others to aspire to" about the school orchestra and gave them a rare "outstanding" award (90/100). About the choir he said "A very musical and thoughtful performance". 

On the same weekend, around 20 woodwind pupils performed at the BMAF woodwind section in solos and duets. On other weekends, pupils were performing in speech and drama, piano, brass and creative writing. 

Congratulations to the 100 or so children who participated and well done to you all for achieving the special "adjudicators cup" awarded to St Mary's for so much amazing music making in the festival. This award will go with the four others we came back to school with this year. This award will be given to us on Sunday 27th March when the brass band and choir perform once again at 2:30pm for the Gala Concert. 

Ensembles Section

School Orchestra - 90/100 Outstanding - 1st Place

Brass Band - 87/100 Distinction - 2nd Place

Ukulele Club - 87/100 Distinction - 1st Place

String Orchestra - 90/100 Outstanding - 1st Place

Senior Choir - 87/100 Distinction - Joint 1st Place

Brass Section

Michaela Jones - 88/100 Distinction - 1st Place

Speech and Drama

Kannika Throngkubjai - Distinction

Abi Morris - Distinction - 1st Place


Tvisha Fogla - First Place

Woodwind Section

Mini Challenge 

Serena Bean 2nd 85/100 Commended

Junior Challenge

Tvisha Fogla -  84/100 Merit

Charlotte Salt -  87/100 Distinction - 1st Place

Isabella Salsi - 85/100 Commended - 3rd place


Kasper Wong - 84/100 Commended - 2nd Place

Rowan Simmons - 83/100 Merit

Siri Rikka - 83/100 Merit

Buddy Young - 83/100 Merit

Olive Sanders - 83/100 Merit

Grade 1

Serena Bean - 86/100 Commended - 1st Place

Emma Flint 83/100 - Merit

Bea Tyrer 84/100 Commended

Lila Storm 83/100 - Merit

Grade 2

Jayden Adeliyi - 85/100 Commended - 2nd Place

Tvisha Fogla - 85/100 Commended - 2nd Place

Grade 3

Lucas Grewal - 84/100 Commended

Grade 4

Tristan Fisher

Isabella Salsi - 1st Place


Amy Connor and Charlie Fairweather -  1st Place

Isabella Salsi and sister Luisa - 1st Place

Jemima Adams and Harleen Ahluwalia - 1st Place

Grade 5

Charlotte Salt