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Church of England Junior School

Year 5 create fajitas, salsa and guacamole in DT!

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As part of our learning into South America, in DT we thought about exploring food from the Americas that we might be aware of that we hadn't made before. Each class in Y5 has spent a day this week creating fajitas, salsa and guacamole. We first planned out what we wanted to make and what we wanted it to look like. We considered all of the different ingredients presented to us and chose the ones we thought would make the most delicious fajita. After this, we learnt about some different methods for chopping vegetables and had a go at doing this before cooking our ingredients and placing them into our fajitas. Whilst this was happening, in our groups we made salsa and guacamole to dip our tortilla chips into! We had a lot of fun doing this and learnt some important cooking skills along the way. Part of our homework this week is to try out some of the skills we developed - we're looking forward to helping prepare some food at home! See the separate photo galleries for images of each class and their cooking experience!