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Church of England Junior School

Summer Term Eucharist Service

Rev. Heather came in on Wednesday to lead this term's Eucharist Service. 

This week we have been looking at our value of perseverance and in keeping with this some of our Year 6 children read the Bible story of the Lost Sheep. While unpicking this story Rev. Heather realised that she had mislaid her child's comforter. She was worried about this and talked to the children about how they have felt when they have lost or mislaid something. Luckily the comforter turned up tucked behind the piano! She also talked to the children about St Anthony who lost a very special book of Psalms and later found out that it had been stolen. The culprit returned the book and of course Anthony was delighted, but more than that he forgave the thief. As a result of this, St Anthony became known as the patron saint of lost things. The year 6 children also wrote and read our prayers on the theme of perseverance and how we can achieve more if we help and support each other.

This term it was lovely to have some  parishioners from St Mary's Church join us for this special service. 

Well done to all the children who listened and participated incredibly well, including some beautiful singing.