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Church of England Junior School

Ash Wednesday Service

Today we welcomed members of the parish to join us...

Today we welcomed members of the parish to join the year 5 and 6 children for our Ash Wednesday Service led by Reverend Jo. Prior to this service Reverend Jo led an act of worship for our younger children on the same theme. As well as talking through the significance of the day and the change from ordinary time to Lent, Reverend Jo discussed how we can go that bit further in looking after our world and how we can all look into ourselves and work on being the best version we possibly can be. This of course links in with our core value of One Family, as well as the work we have been doing this year on the concept of Ubuntu.

The older children had the chance to receive ashes in the form of a cross on their forehead and approximately two thirds of the children made the decision to do this. As Reverend Jo commented this was an incredibly special occasion with the children showing a very high level of respect for each other's decisions. Many of the adults who attended commented on what a moving service it was.