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Church of England Junior School

Y5 visit the Gordon Brown Centre

Could we survive in the rainforest?

As part of our Geography learning about the Amazon Rainforest and the different biomes of our world, we visited the Gordon Brown Centre to experience what it might be like to go into a rainforest. Of course, GBC isn't a rainforest, so we experienced activities that might be useful were we to be dropped into the Amazon. We had a go at archery in an effort to improve our hunting skills, we climbed on the low ropes to experience what it might be like to climb through the canopy, we created a fire and toasted some marshmallows to understand the importance of fire to survival and lastly, we created shelters to try and protect us from the challenging weather conditions in the rainforest.

We discovered that survival would be incredibly challenging. That didn't stop us from having a huge amount of fun whilst learning about the rainforest and the challenges of this wonderful part of our planet. Please visit the gallery to see photos of our trip.