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Church of England Junior School

Musical Congratulations!

Well done to all these children

The following children achieved these exams, stages and levels in instrumental lessons this year.

What a huge list of amazing musicians.



Isabella S Clarinet Grade 5 Distinction

Serena B Clarinet Grade 4 Distinction

Serena B Saxophone Grade 3 Gold

Rowan S Saxophone Grade 2 Gold

Buddy Y Saxophone Grade 2 Gold

Abi M Clarinet Grade 2 Gold

Rudi M Clarinet grade 2 Gold

Olive S Flute Grade 1 Silver

Siri R Flute Grade 1 Gold

Amelia P Flute Introductory Gold

Phoebe R Flute Introductory Gold

Harriet M Flute Introductory Gold

Lexi B Flute Introductory Gold

Anirudh P Flute Introductory Gold

Poppy S Saxophone Introductory Gold

Sophie W Flute Introductory Gold

Freya W Flute Introductory Gold



Scott C Keyboard Grade 3 Merit

Chloe H Keyboard Step 1


Upper Strings

Evie P Violin Beginner             

Tilly W Violin Beginner   

Erin W Violin Beginner                  

Ben F-G Violin Intro Gold

Thomas B Violin Intro Gold

Edith G Violin Beginner           

Jack M Violin Beginner             

Kym R Violin Beginner             

Holly B Violin Beginner             

Olivia P Violin Beginner           

Isla C Violin Beginner               

Alicia N Violin Beginner           

Janella A Violin Intro Silver

Samantha A-O Violin Intro Silver

Elizabeth O'L Violin Intro Gold

Isabelle S Violin Intro Gold

Emma S Violin Intro Gold

Nora G Violin Intro Silver 

Methaya W Viola Intro Gold          

Sriram P Viola Intro Silver                               

Imogen R Viola Intro Gold

Jasmine H Violin Stage 1 Silver

Charlotte L Violin Stage 1 Gold

Oliver L Violin Stage 1 Gold

Olivia L Violin Stage 1 Gold

Emilia F Violin Stage 3 Silver

Arthur O'L Violin Stage 3 Silver



Thomas B Cornet Stage 1 Gold

Kannika T Cornet Stage 1 Gold

Evelyn H Trumpet Stage 1 Silver

Hudson R Euphonium Stage 1 Silver

Ethan Hornsby Trumpet Stage 4 Gold

Stela N Trumpet Stage 4 Gold

Arthur O’L Trumpet Stage 4 Gold

Edith R Euphonium Stage 4 Gold



Skye G Piano Safari Level 1

Sophia L Introductory Merit

Stela N - Grade 1  Distinction

Sam G - Pre-grade Higher Merit

Serena B  Grade 1 (pending)

Stela N  Grade 2 (pending)



Jenny S Grade 3 (pending)



Jensen B Introductory stage Bronze

James C Introductory stage Silver

Angel P Introductory stage Gold

Iniya S Beginner Stage Bronze

Matthew F Beginner Silver

Harry G Beginner stage Bronze

Arthur W Beginner stage Bronze

Frankie A Beginner stage Bronze

Kiaan I Beginner stage Bronze

Harriett K Beginner stage Bronze

Jax F Beginner stage Silver

Oswald R Beginner stage silver

Janaina G Beginner stage Bronze

Abeer P Stage 1 Gold

Millie R Stage 1 Gold

Coco T Stage 1 Gold

Max C stage 1 gold

Ben G stage 1 gold

Alfie G stage 1 gold

Robin H stage 1 gold

Jake L stage 2 Gold