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Church of England Junior School

Year 4 French Cafe

Year 4 pupils enjoyed a visit to the French Cafe!

Mercredi 28 février

The Year four children really enjoyed their French experiences at school!

The children had differing activities to attend. They all experienced a maths lesson with Madame Pressner where they looked at French menus and made calculations on what they might buy.

Next, the children had more musical fun with Madame Malone. They enjoyed singing many songs in French as well as some tongue twisters!

The third activity was to experience a French café with Madame Quick. Six pupils from Year 9 at The Costello School came to help and serve our children. The children were so lucky to have so much to choose from. They had the choice of baguette, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins, pain à la crème pâtissière, and croissant. They could also order drinks in French too. Some very adventurous children tried the sirop de citron!

Huge thanks to Mrs Rudman and Mrs Bond for assisting Yr 4 throughout the morning.

Next, the children had the chance to hear Stewart Lewin play his accordion to them. It was wonderful to listen to and really helped to end the morning in a superb and stunning fashion.

Thank you to Mrs Jarrett, The Costello School’s staff and pupils and to Reverend Jo for coming in to help us.

A huge thank you must be said to Indigo Bakes at the Courtyard in Lychpit and also to The Street Bakeshop in the village. They baked for us and donated the most wonderful set of breads and pastries for our lucky children. We are so grateful.

Thank you also to Tesco at Chineham for providing the drinks for the café.

It was lovely to see the children practising their language skills with the older children and how refreshing too that “merci” was heard many times! Bon appétit Year Four!

Louise Quick - French Teacher


Use this link to see photographs from our morning!