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Church of England Junior School

French café- vendredi 5 février– Year 4

The Year four children really enjoyed their French experience at school!

Firstly, we heard some French music being played by pupils from Robert Mays School. They asked us some interesting questions and we all joined in when singing a song in French!

The children then had differing activities to attend. They all experienced a master class in French art with Madame Pressner. The theme was Pointillism based on the artist Georges Seurat. The children really enjoyed recreating their own Pointillism designs.

Next, the children had more musical fun with Madame Malone. They enjoyed singing Alouette and then created some movie music for the French film Hugo.

The third activity was to experience a French café with Madame Quick. Five pupils from Year 9 at The Costello School came to help and serve our children along with Madame Wyeth and Madame Buckey. The children were given euros and had to order their menu choices in French. The pain au chocolat and the croissants were most popular and some very adventurous children tried the green sirop de menthe!

It was lovely to see the children practising their language skills with the older children and how refreshing too that “merci” was heard many times! Bon appétit Year four!