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Church of England Junior School

Buying a Violin or Viola

Children need to be measured for a violin (or viola) as they learn on different sized instruments.

Year 3 pupils usually start on a 1/4 or 1/2 but can sometimes need an 1/8 size


It is advisable to hire in the first instance from HMS. The advantage of hiring is that once a child grows, the next size is available for them to exchange. Click here to hire

By doing this, the pupils receive a good starter instrument and it avoids inferior ones that may be available online. It is very important that pegs work properly, that the violin is fitted with fine tuners and that the bridge is the correct height. The screw on the bow also needs to turn easily so that the bow hair can be tightened correctly. 

Buying an instrument

Mrs Kershaw, our upper strings teacher, suggests that you purchase a Stentor 2 model violin from a reputable music shop.

Dawsons in Reading stock Stentor 2 (click for link)

There are also two local music shops who can assist with purchasing a violin of a good standard. They stock a wide range of suitable instruments and will be able to offer professional advice. 

Geoff Denyer Violins in Winchester (click for link) 

Phillip Brown in Newbury (click for link)

For information about Violin and Viola lessons please see PowerPoint found on this page - click here