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Church of England Junior School

Buying and Maintaining Woodwind Instruments

Buying Woodwind Instruments - a message from Mrs Ludford (our woodwind teacher)

Well-known and well-respected names of woodwind manufacturers who make student level instruments include:
Trevor James

New Instruments: As with many things, the better quality instrument one can play on, the better and easier it will be to produce a good sound. There are very cheap new instruments available on the internet but are almost certainly not worth the money. It would make more sense to continue to hire an instrument from HMS as these are of a good quality. 

Secondhand Instruments: It is possible to get some really good bargains on the likes of eBay, but without knowing what you are buying it is very hard to tell what is a bargain and what is a dud. If you look at the new price, then a good quality secondhand one should be more than half the price. Price really does mean quality in musical instruments.

I would suggest getting on the mailing list for music shops in the vicinity to see when a secondhand instrument comes in. Or cross your fingers and get a secondhand one online, as long as you are prepared to spend more money getting some work done to it. Music shops will always charge more than a private sale because of the guarantee that will come with it.

Local repairers:
C.Y.Music -
Dawkes -
Broken Wind - - Southampton

Local Music shops:
Dawkes Music, Maidenhead -
Hogan Music, Newbury -
Lloyd and Keyworth, Farnham
Becketts Music, Southampton -
Dawsons, Reading -

Oboes and Bassoons - please contact Mrs Ludford direct as there are more specialised shops for these instruments.