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Church of England Junior School

Calshot Updates: 21 to 25.10.13

The team of adults at Calshot will be texting and emailing Mr Rundle with updates frequently thoughout the week which he will upload here for you.

Images can be found by clicking here

Mrs Brittan writes, "Great first day on the slopes and attempting to use our logic on the initiative course.  We've been busy firing water rockets this evening and look forward to the rain that awaits us tomorrow!"


"We've found our way around the New stuck into some kayaking and been climbing the walls...of the hanger!  Missing you all but not too much!!!!  First night went smoothly...the shistling wind kept us up a bit in the night though!"


"Today we braved the beach to comb...  some groups managed to get in the waters on a kayak too as teh sun came out!  For our egg drop challenge, 3 eggs survived in group 1 and 2!  Wishing for calm seas and no rain tomorrow."

Back at base Mr Rundle thought a postcard blurb would probably read something like this:
"Dear Mum and Dad,
Having a great time. I've been thinking and for Christmas I would like a house by the sea, a bucket to collect sea life in, a dry ski slope, a swimming pool with some ropes across it to do the tight-rope and space for all my friends.  I know this sounds like a lot but I'm guessing you've missed me lots and I won't ever need to go away ever again if you buy me this stuff.  Thanks.  Love you, your year 6 child

What every parent wants to read as the PS?:
"PS - I've got lots of washing but don't worry, its half-term so I will be able to do it all for you or maybe we could do it together!"


"Another great day meant more groups were able to get out on the kayaks...some super raft building and sailing too!  Expect some wet swimwear returning to you tomorrow!  Looking forward to seeing you all soon but sad that our last full day at CALSHOT is over...chilling with a movie before bed!"