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Welcome to the St. Mary's Computing page.


At St. Mary's, we believe that computational thinking is an important aspect of today's society and enables the children to access a multitude of technology, which we seem to becoming more and more reliant on. In our Computing lessons, we cover a variety of topics, including basic computer literacy to more advanced skills such as programming and digital editing.



Young people are spending an increasing amount of time online. Engaging in learning online as well as recreational activities has been extremely beneficial, however as children gain confidence in using online resources, they will naturally explore other areas of the world wide web. Although this should be encouraged like most everyday activities it comes with its own risks. Therefore, for young people to stay safe online, first and foremost it is important that they have conversations, about their online activities with adults who are part of their life. For these conversations to happen the adult doesn't t have to be an expert in technology but use this trusted relationship to talk about online activities, people they are talking to, inappropriate behaviour and language and any risks that they might be taking. It is useful to remind young people that what is unacceptable in real life is also unacceptable online. Also, that it is safest to talk to people online who they know and trust in real life and that people may present themselves differently on social media. Secondly, where appropriate monitoring and filtering as well as parental controls should be implemented. These controls should be at a level appropriate to the age and maturity of the young person.

Please see a helpful guide for adults and how to support their children in keeping safe online: 

Google Classrooms

Whilst introducing the children to new technology, we feel it is vital they also discuss the importance of keeping themselves safe online. Online safety is a big part of our Computing curriculum  Celebrating E-safety day and recognising that cyberbullying is just as harmful as bullying during our friendship week

Useful resources

The government has also just released the following guide for parents: Talking to your child about online sexual harassment