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Church of England Junior School

Continuing the Science learning at home



Children’s science education does not stop at school – you will be enriching your child’s science knowledge and understanding all the time without realising it. The discussion about birds seen on a family walk, observations of bubbles in the bath and watching how a cake mixture changes once it is heated in the oven,  all add to their growing curiosity and enquiring minds.

At the bottom of this page you will find a link to a glossary of the vocabulary used in primary science which may help you when talking to your child about their learning at school.


10 Tips to Support Children's science Learning

1. Value your child’s questions.

2. Explore and find the answers together.

3. Give children time and space to explore.

4. Accept that explorations are often messy!

5. Learn from mistakes together.

6. Invite curiosity.

7. Support further exploration.

8. Encourage children to record their observations.

9. Make good use of your electronic devices.

10. Use items you have at home to experiment and explore

These principles can be explored further here:

You do not need to spend money buying expensive science supplies. The following websites and documents have lots of fun activities that you can do at home using materials you may already have.