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Church of England Junior School

Editing and improving with year 6

As part of year 3’s editing and improving of their instruction writing we paired up with our year 6 buddies.  Together they looked at the year 3 writer’s instructions and edited them by showing them how to take their writing up another level.  The year 6’s found that they think it will help them improve their writing having looked at someone else’s.

Azzaryaat in year 6 commented, “I really enjoyed working with Finley, I have learnt that you need to be patient when you teach.”

“I learnt more about adverbs today, how we use them and how they help the reader.”  Finley Y3

Alice in year 3 said, “My buddy helped me with my spellings, she taught me how to do commas in my writing and she helped me make my layout really clear to help my reader.”

“I learnt that I need to talk a lot to help a lot,” Peter, year 6.

“The year 3’s work is really good, I actually didn’t have to mark a lot!” Robyn, year 6.

Well done for such good hard work!