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Church of England Junior School

Emotional Well-being

We appreciate how stressful this is for all of us at the moment.  We know some of our children are feeling very anxious and worried, and as parents we may see this at home through challenging behaviour.

We wanted to put together a few resources that could offer some support.  One thing we would definitely say is make sure you get outside and enjoy some fresh air every day. Also, remember it is important to look after yourselves so you can look after other people. Do not feel worried about looking for support.

Useful websites:

The ChildLine website has many fantastic resources and games in the Tool Kit section which you can have a look at. Visit

CAHMS has many self-help resources in the ‘Parents and Carers’ section.

Resources are also available on the CBBC website

For older children have a look at the Children’s Society

We also have a message from Kath, who runs Relax Kids at our school…

I just wanted to get in touch to let you know about two FREE groups I’m running. One on Facebook the other on What’s App.


Facebook will be aimed at adults/children/families and What's App will be for adults - that may well change.


I’m planning to do my best to post DAILY relaxation exercises, breathing exercises etc in the What’s App group and a 2-3 TIMES A WEEK in the Facebook group - this is my initial idea to start with.  Exercises will just be for a couple of minutes per day.


These groups will be FREE and there will be lots of free content over the months.  I will also develop and share paid content within these groups as well but wanted to be transparent as I do need to look at ways to earn an income through these challenging times.  Having said this though there will be plenty of free content.


I don't know whether this is something you might share with your parents and staff to get them and their families through this difficult time.


People can join one or both (or neither!)


Feel free to join yourself too!


Facebook group

What’s App group


Feel free to share as you see fit.


Stay well in these challenging times.


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"Wishing you a magical day and a peaceful, relaxing evening"




Kath Routledge 

Relax Kids Coach 

Tel: 07989 476533 

Facebook: Relax Kids Basingstoke

Twitter @rkbasingstoke



Things that you can make at home:

Try making your own Worry Monster like ours in the Rainbow Room. Our Worry Monster will be holding every ones worries tight for them.  You could share your monsters when you get back to school.



How about painting or drawing a Rainbow for your window? Although you won’t see you friends at school, it is a way to say hello and share something happy for everyone who passes by.

There are lots of other ideas at