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Church of England Junior School

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a number of questions that have been asked by parents. If you still have a query that has not been answered here, please contact us by email at:

We will continue to update this page with any other questions that are asked.


I love the school; how do I apply for a place?

All applications can be completed online via the Hampshire County Council website:

My child attends Old Basing Infants, but we are not in catchment. Will my child get a place at St Mary’s?

Attending the infant school is one of our admissions criteria, however we cannot guarantee that all those attending the infants will get in, as there may be children currently attending other schools who live in catchment. Having said that, over a considerable number of years now all of those children who have wanted a place have got one eventually – these have not always been successful in the first allocation.

Hampshire County Council’s application form asks for three schools, ranked in preference, I only want my child to attend St Mary’s. Can I leave the second and third choice blank or put St Mary’s in all three boxes?

It is advised that parents complete the form with more than one choice, if your child does not get your first choice, and you have not advised of a second or third choice your child may be allocated to any school with a place.

Does the school provide wraparound care? (before and After school clubs)

In normal times we run approximately 25 different clubs each term, however these are to develop skills and interests rather than to provide child care.

The full wraparound care is provided at the infant school and is open to our junior children as well. Breakfast Club is run by Old Basing Infants and places are booked directly with them. The children are brought across to us for the start of the day. The After School Club is run by SCL and needs to be booked through them. They will pick up both at the end of the school day and at the end of after school clubs here if your child wishes to attend one of those as well.

What does it mean to be a Church School?

Our trust documents state that we are a school for the children of the parish, we therefore welcome children all faiths, no faith and all backgrounds.  We are not a faith school, like for example the Catholic Schools, but rather we have close ties to our local Anglican Church and the Dioceses. As the school building is owned by the dioceses rather than the local authority, we have to supply part of our funding for building work. Our ethos is based on Christian values but for most of you, you will not notice a substantial difference between this and the focus on RRR in most maintained infant schools.

Please follow the link below to the Values page on our website:

Do I need to complete a Supplementary Information Form?

As a Church of England School, one of our additional criteria is in terms of Faith – please see our admissions policy for full details on this criterion. You will need to get your church’s minister or priest to sign the evidence sheet. On an annual basis we do not have many children who apply under this criterion.

My child is anxious about transition to junior school. What do you offer to support transition?

We offer a full programme of transition activities which include visits to our school for lunch, a PE lesson and a classroom based lesson. In discussion with your child’s current school we can also provide tailored additional activities for children with specific needs. The Year 3 team will also arrange transition meetings with your child’s current school so that we really know your child before they start with us.

We are in catchment, but my child is not currently attending Old Basing Infant school. How will their transition be supported?

Children from all schools are welcome to join our transition events. Please talk with your child’s current school to ensure that they can join us on the specific days. This will give your child a chance to make some new friends prior to starting with us.

My child has an EHCP at the infant school, what support will they get at St Mary’s?

Our Inclusion Manager (Miss Jenny Bunkle) will contact all the schools that pupils will be transferring in from in the summer term prior to them starting with us. This will enable us to put in targeted support programmes linked to the current IEP, which will also be reviewed.

Please follow the link to our SEND page for full details of our local offer:

How do I know how well my child is doing?

As well as two parents' evening and the end of year report, we operate an open door policy. This means that parents are able to contact their child's teacher throughout the year to discuss progress, address any concerns and celebrate successes.

We also use our news items and gallery sections on our website to keep parents up to date with what is happening in school.

Do you provide school dinners?

We work with Hampshire Catering who provide a varied menu of nutritious hot lunches. Meals are chargeable, unlike at the infants, and the cost is £2.80. Children do not have to take meals every day, but we would ask that you do pay in advance through SCOPAY.  Follow the link below to find out more: