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Church of England Junior School

Inspection Reports

St Mary's Junior school last had a formal visit from Ofsted in December 2018, when I am pleased to tell you that the school was once again judged as good, the only possible outcome for a short inspection. In addition,  significant improvements were noted since the last inspection.

It was great to have the breadth of our curriculum recognised: 'The first-class curriculum contributes greatly to pupils' personal development.'

The inspector also recognised the hard work of all the staff in making further improvements to our provision for both maths and writing:

'Pupils’ writing is a strength of the school. Highly skilled teaching and support staff instruct pupils how to use and apply the key components of grammar, spelling and punctuation in their writing.'

'Pupils throughout the school make excellent progress in mathematics.'  

During all inspections, the inspector carries out a thorough investigation of the school's safeguarding procedures and found ours to be once again 'effective and fit for purpose'. He also commented that: 'All staff receive first-class training which helps them to identify and report concerns about families. When concerns are received, leaders consider these carefully and respond without hesitation when families need help.'

The outcome of this inspection means that we will now be subject to a full inspection in a year or two in order to demonstrate our outstanding practice.  See below for the full report (or here).

In addition, following our Church School Inspection in March 2019, I am delighted to tell you that St Mary’s has been judged as an Excellent Church School and that all seven strands, as well as RE, were also judged as excellent.

The key findings were that:

  • St. Mary’s Christian vision underpins its work as a highly distinctive church school. It drives the work of school leaders and has a transformational impact on the lives of its pupils and their families.
  • The rich, broad curriculum strongly supports the academic and social development of pupils exceptionally well.

  • The skilled and determined leadership of the headteacher, strongly supported by the school’s staff and governors, has created a vibrant Christian community where pupils and adults flourish, despite any challenges encountered.

  • High quality provision for religious education (RE) and collective worship strongly contributes to pupils’ spiritual development. This is further strengthened by the extremely supportive partnership that has been established between the local church and the school.

The result of this report gives us a chance to celebrate all the hard work and commitment of the staff and governors to continue to strive to improve the school and to provide the best possible experiences for all pupils. It would of course not be possible without the amazing support given to the school by parents, other relatives, friends and the community as a whole, which was also recognised in the report. And last but by no means least, the commitment of the children in developing St Mary’s as one family, as well as the pride they take in both their own and other’s achievements.

I would like to end with a message from the inspector herself, ‘Could you also say a huge ‘thank you’ to your super children, great staff and governors for making the inspection day so enjoyable.’

The report can be seen below as an attachment.

Ms C Welch