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Church of England Junior School

Learning a Musical Instrument



Signing up for lessons


COMPLETE the "Form for Instrumental lessons" below and email to Mrs Malone - there are Word and PDF versions of the same document. 


We have decided that in these uncertain times, we will not increase music fees for September 2020. 

Further information

Instrumental Lessons at St Mary’s

             Music is very much part of life at St Mary’s and we offer a huge range of instrumental lessons. Most lessons are provided by Hampshire Music Service. Lessons are taught in groups, with a minimum of 30 lessons/ small ensemble tuition being given during the year.  In the current season of school closures, lessons take place via an online portal. The current charge for instrumental teaching is £75 per term payable at the beginning of each term. Charges will not increase in September 2020.  Parents are required to commit to pay for the entire year even if their child decides to give up mid-year. We also have two private teachers who visit school to give lessons in piano and keyboard. They run slightly different in fees but expect a similar commitment. 

Children are required to provide their own instruments. Hampshire Music Service hire out many instruments for £22-£32 a term if needed. To enjoy the full musical activities at St Mary’s, it is advisable to learn to play an orchestral instrument. These instrumental players will move into school groups such as the orchestra and get the opportunities to play in concerts in and out of school, including the Anvil.

Please contact Mrs Malone our music teacher for further details –

We offer: flute, oboe. clarinet, sax (for older children), bassoon (for larger children), violin, viola (well worth choosing this rather than violin), cello, double bass, trumpet, cornet, horn, euphonium, tuba, drum kit, guitar and xylophone.

Private teachers offer keyboard and piano (but there is a waiting list).



In signing their child up for musical instruments with HMS at St Mary’s parents must agree to these terms and conditions.


  • Fees are payable termly in advance (within the first two weeks of each term) and cost £225 per year (£75 per term) for each instrument.
  • Fees cover 30 lessons a year and NOT a lesson every week.
  • Parents are liable to pay for the whole academic year whether or not their child gives up playing their instrument.
  • Parents who book lessons in the Summer Term prior to starting in September are still liable for full fees should they decide not to take up the place in September.
  • The School subsidises these lessons as well as parents paying fees.


  • Children are taught in groups of a maximum of 4 pupils.
  • Group lessons are between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the size of the group.
  • A minimum of 30 lessons are taught during the year, usually more (this may also include small ensembles to gain wider musical opportunities and one session may include the music teacher supporting at BPSM an annual event at the Anvil in lieu of a lesson).
  • Lessons cannot always be rescheduled due to school trips, snow days and pupil illness.
  • An annual report will be issued by the instrumental teacher.
  • A Practice book will be issued to communicate with the instrumental teacher.
  • Parents need to provide a suitable instrument for their child to practice at home.
  • Children should be encouraged to practice regularly and be provided with music as required by the teacher.

Other Responsibilities

  • Children need to join a school instrumental music ensemble after learning for one year, possibly earlier if invited (either school band or orchestra).

Details Regarding Fees

Music Fees are £225 per instrument

Payment Options:

Option 1: Termly

You are welcome to continue to pay termly in 3 instalments and the payment of £75.00 per instrument is due on or before the following dates:

9th September 2020

9th January 2021

9th April 2021


Option 2: Initial Payment followed by monthly payments

Initial payment of £100.00 per instrument due by 9th September followed by 5 payments of £25.00 as follows:

9th October - £25.00

9th November - £25.00

December - no payment

January - no payment

9th February - £25.00

9th March - £25.00

9th April - £25.00

The final payment date for Music fees to be paid in full for both payment options is 9th April 2021.